To get that job abroad, write a resume with a global view. Show how your work skills, experience, and attitude make you a great fit in a cross-cultural environment.
So, you’ve decided to apply for that overseas job. Now, you must look at your resume from a foreign employer’s point of view. They must see that you have the technical skills for the job, but you must also show that you have the right attitude and experience to thrive when working with different cultures. What will make you stand out among countless other applicants? Here are some tips.
  1. Customize your resume for your employer’s country.
    How many pages should it be? What about paper size? Should you put a photo? How much personal information should you include? This depends on the country. Talk to the recruitment agency or the prospective employer to make sure you get the details right. It will lessen the chances of your resume not being accepted because of too much information and show that you are culturally sensitive and detail-oriented.
  2. Write a strong career overview that emphasizes a global focus.
    In addition to your professional qualifications that match the job opening, what other skills show your ability to be a successful overseas worker? These can include communication skills, foreign languages spoken, trainings, and international accreditations or certifications.
  3. Give details of your work history that fit the job description.
    Read the job description carefully: What are your skills and experience that match their profile? For each job, highlight your role and accomplishments. If you’ve worked abroad in the past, group these items. You can make a separate subsection for local work experience.

    If you have no overseas work experience, don’t be discouraged from applying. Many employers prefer job seekers with previous experience, even if it wasn’t abroad. The important thing is that your resume presents you as an ideal candidate. Think carefully back to your career: have you had any cross-cultural experiences? Have you ever worked with foreign clients? Did you ever lead a team composed of different nationalities? Were you ever sent abroad for a short workshop or seminar? These are all experiences that show you know how to accomplish tasks in a global setting. Are you a part of any organization with an international focus? Include these as they show your interest in cultural awareness.
In a nutshell, make sure your resume complies with the recruitment agency or prospective employer's standards, and write it in a way that shows you are capable of a successful career in a foreign setting. Start thinking, get writing, and apply now at!