How to Make Your WorkAbroad Profile Stand Out
This is your foolproof guide to a successful job hunt!
You are just one of the thousands of Filipinos aspiring to work abroad. So, how do you make yourself noticeable?
As an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) candidate, it’s best that you register on, a top digital platform for overseas job boards. But, don’t stop here! Make sure that you create an excellent online presence. Learn how through the following steps.
  1. Accomplish your online resume
    It is vital that you fill out all the information in your online resume as this will be the first thing recruiters will see. It becomes easier to gauge an employee’s credibility when the basic information, work experience, and educational attainment are filled out. Having a complete online resume also shows that an applicant is serious about his or her online presence.

    Also, do not forget to upload a clear photograph of yourself. Showcase yourself as a professional, but avoid looking too stiff. Remember: This isn’t a passport photo. It’s okay to smile!

    Added to this, WorkAbroad allows applicants to upload their actual resume as an attachment. However, it is more likely that recruiters will scan through your online resume first. Now, it’s your online resume that should catch their eye. In case they decide to stay on your profile because of your online resume, your attached resume should be equally attractive.
  2. Upload your licenses and certificates
    Your licenses and certificates will certainly give you an edge as an OFW applicant. If you have attended trainings and seminars, upload those as well. These certifications speak a lot louder than mere mentions of skills.
  3. Have character references
    Character references are very helpful in establishing a credible online presence. Ask your previous employers if they are willing to help you out. With other people visible in your WorkAbroad profile, you show that you truly are a trustworthy employee.
  4. Work on your profile regularly
    The great thing about WorkAbroad is that it guides you with its forms. The website asks applicants for specific requirements. Scan through the website, and you will have insight as to what recruiters are looking for.

    You might notice that there are certain fields you cannot fill out yet due to inexperience. Don’t worry! You can always get back to them. For the meantime, accomplish all the information that you can. Meanwhile, work on the things you cannot fill out yet. For example, If you have no training experiences yet, try exploring your options. If you still lack documents such as a Philippine passport or an NBI clearance, obtain them. The more information you have, the higher your chances are to get noticed.
  5. Regularly check for errors
    If you are applying as an OFW, it is of utmost importance that you can communicate in English well. Your WorkAbroad profile should reflect this immediately. After filling out the information, double-check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread it again another time, as you might find errors you did not see the first time.
  6. Call a friend
    It is important that you have a fresh pair of eyes to review your profile. Let a friend read through your resume. Ask them if they would honestly consider hiring you with your profile. Let them give advice on what you can improve on.

    When you have a profile that stands out, you have better chances of succeeding in getting an overseas job. So, exert some time and effort. It will definitely pay off!