Aspiring OFWs Your Dream Job Awaits You Here
This article will guide you every step of the way!
It isn’t uncommon that many Filipinos aspire to work abroad. But beyond working abroad, aspiring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have specific dream jobs as well. Good news, candidates! Your dream job abroad does exist, and here is how you can find it.
  1. Learn about the demands
    Do some research and learn about the latest demands in your field of specialty. From time to time, there are shifts in the international workforce. Knowing which jobs are in-demand helps you stay on top of the game.

    First, determine which countries have the highest demand for OFWs. Then, learn which job specializations are most sought-after. This will give you an overview about the best opportunities for working abroad.

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  2. Know what you want
    Of course, part of finding your dream job is knowing what you want. What are your career goals? If you are looking to further your career, then you should find a job that will push your skills and expand your connections.

    Why do you want to work abroad? If you are looking for more opportunities to grow your finances, then you should consider getting a job in a country that offers good pay.
  3. Find a good platform
    When you search the internet for overseas jobs, you will find a million results. Avoid getting overwhelmed, and stick to the most credible platforms when you are doing research.

    In WorkAbroad, you can read multiple articles that are centered on the must-knows of OFWs. Scan through the website, and familiarize yourself with the ropes of overseas work.
  4. Build an online presence
    It is time to transform your vision into reality. Start by building an online presence in the OFW community. Establish yourself digitally, as this is where most overseas employers find potential OFWs.

    Register as an OFW applicant in WorkAbroad. As the leading overseas job board in the Philippines, WorkAbroad has hundreds of recruitment agencies looking for qualified OFWs. When you have a good WorkAbroad profile, you will most likely land your dream job.
  5. Seek opportunities
    Do not stop at establishing your online presence. Be proactive! Search through the thousands of overseas job postings in WorkAbroad. Subscribe to the email and job alerts so you never miss out on an opportunity. Apply for various jobs that you see yourself working in.
  6. Determine your negotiables
    In reality, your dream job is not just waiting for you. You will have to strive for it. Sometimes, you might even have to work other jobs before landing your dream job. Sometimes, you will need to start somewhere else.

    If you are just starting out, you might want to consider other options. This said, determine your standards for your next job. Do you already have a specific destination in mind? Have you set your salary on a high bar? Are you determined on landing a certain job? Or are you willing to learn?

    Get your priorities straight. Think of where you are willing to compromise. Then, allow yourself to think through every application.
  7. Get a recruitment agency
    Finally, get a recruitment agency to help you apply for a job. Of course, these agencies will expect that you already have a destination and a job in mind. So, do your homework and be ready with answers!

    All the recruitment agencies in are licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). You're sure to be in good hands with this online job board.