The Ultimate Guide to Working Abroad

Are you ready for life overseas? Here’s how you can get ready
If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already decided to work abroad. Congratulations! Working outside the country you grew up in can be a life-changing experience full of fun new events and adventures. On the other hand, even if you haven’t already decided yet and are still at a crossroads, then this might help you make up your mind. Let’s face it: sometimes, working in your home country can get not only boring, but also quite limiting. Sometimes, we have to look elsewhere for opportunities to find the career that’s perfect for us and build a life that we can truly say we’re proud of.
Whatever the case may be for you, it’s important to be prepared in any situation. Here are 6 reminders for you to check out while planning or thinking about your next big move.
  1. Have some money saved already.
    Before you get on a plane to your new job, make sure you have some money reserved for when you get there. There’s always a chance that something could go wrong. You might find that you’ll have to furnish an apartment or even take a trip to the doctor for whatever reason. Accidents are accidents and you never know when they’ll happen. Make sure you have money in the amount of one to two months of the standard cost of living of your destination. This money should tide you over while you wait for your first paycheck to arrive.
  2. Set up health insurance.
    Your health is very important. If you are currently taking maintenance medicine, make sure you bring those with you. You might even want to bring other emergency medication just in case. Ask if your current health care plan will cover you while you are abroad. If not, it’s a good idea to get yourself on an international health insurance plan for expats. This will definitely bring you some peace of mind because there is nothing worse than getting sick or getting in an accident abroad far away from the health care system you are used to.
  3. Get all your paperwork at the ready.
    Can you imagine trying to trace down paperwork like bank statements, degree certificates, and other references from a different country? What a nightmare. And don’t forget about those important documents that require your physical presence to obtain! Remember to pack copies of all the documents you might need from the Philippines. It might even be helpful to have multiples of them just in case. Better yet, have them scanned and compile them all in a folder on your laptop. That way, you can simply print them out when needed.
  4. Be prepared for culture shock.
    Let’s be real. Moving to a new country will most definitely bring about change in your life. It’s important to allow yourself to be open to the new changes your destination will bring you. There might come a time that the initial high of being in a new exciting place fades away and you start to notice the differences about the place you are in. Keep an open mind! A tip on dealing with culture shock is to allow yourself to travel and explore the country. Go on occasional trips and adventures from time to time and let yourself discover more and more. Try learning the language of the place you are in and give yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture.
  5. Start networking.
    If you are going to be travelling on your own, you might not want to be alone in a new country. There’s a simple way to remedy that. If you can, try reaching out to your future co-workers online even while you’re still in the Philippines. Maybe you could schedule a meetup to introduce yourself. It’s important to start building a relationship and remember to be open to new friendships, as this will ease homesickness and culture shock, especially in the first few months.
  6. Make things alright at home.
    As you are moving from one chapter of your life to the next, make sure that you don’t forget about the people you’ve already built ironclad relationships with. This won’t be goodbye forever but you can never go wrong with a good old despedida! Also remember to keep in touch with the people you love and care for at home, and make sure never to burn bridges with the people you’ve worked with professionally—they can also always serve as references and as proof of your work ethic.


Now, your life abroad awaits! Have a happy trip and good luck with your career!