What are the best countries work for in 2019?
1.    New Zealand
2.    Canada
3.    South Korea
4.    Dubai

Overseas Filipino workers are unsung heroes. They immigrate to different countries solely to provide a better future for themselves—and that is very admirable. Know that jobs hiring in Dubai are not the end-all-be-all of working abroad. In fact, there are so many countries that have amazing potential for people who plan on working there.
For people who are planning to work overseas, it’s important that you take into consideration, not just the job that you’ll be taking, but the environment, the culture, and the people that will accompany you along the way.
The country itself should be a great indicator of how your experience will be. So for many of you who plan on working overseas but have not decided on where to go, here are the best countries to work in that you can search for on an overseas job search portal in the Philippines!

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations not just for OFWs, but among many tourists as well. It’s a combination of clean, beautiful spaces, and extremely friendly locals—usually making it a great spot for people to retire in as well.
When it comes to jobs, however, the New Zealand government is fairly helpful to foreigners who want to work there. They offer a plethora of work visas that are often temporary—although they can sometimes lead to residence visas when the need arises.
Types of work visas that are essential for you to know when planning to work in New Zealand include the Essential Skills Visa and the Work to Residence Visa. The former is made for more temporary job offers but can still lead to a resident visa when certain conditions are met. The latter enables you to work for at least 24 months, then let’s you apply for a resident visa.

This country is arguably one of the most sought-after places to work in. Canada is famous for its local hospitality and grace. It’s easy to make friends and build or join social circles which makes integration to the community quick and enjoyable.
They’re also known as a very liberal people—they fully accept people of all races, colors, and cultures.
Though there aren’t any in-demand jobs as of the moment, just the allure of their culture makes Canada a great place to work and live in.
When it comes to job requirements, however, you have a few things to keep in mind. First, you should prove your eligibility to live and work in Canada. This means you must pass a set of criteria while you’re looking for work in the country. There are different eligibility requirements depending on where you apply—so bear that in mind once you decided on working in Canada.

Now Asia’s third largest economy, South Korea has risen to the top of the best places to work overseas. Not only is their entertainment industry popular worldwide, but the quality of products and services that they have is well above average as well. For this year, jobs in Korea has steadily increased. There is a particularly strong demand for English teachers—the government even provides benefit and funding for those who choose to go to Korea to teach English.
Though there is a demand for jobs in Korea, their recruitment process is still hard, though not as strict as with Dubai. Again, you will need all the necessary documents as always, and you should also be able to speak and understand basic Korean language.
Sometimes the requirements would vary—depending on the level of your job, so it’s best if you consult the Korean Embassy for more specific points and considerations.

There’s a reason why many Filipinos choose to work in Dubai. But getting a job here is not as easy as people might think. Most companies in Dubai really value their employees so they invest a lot in their hiring process.
You have to have all your documents completely with you from college/university documents to all the necessary biodata that are required for visa processing.
But besides the rigorous recruitment processes, a career in Dubai will surely be worth it. Although the cost of living is not low, the benefits that you get from working will be more than enough to compensate for it.
Aside from that, Dubai is what you can consider as a melting pot of culture. The best part is that you’ll almost always meet people with the same nationality as you there. So you won’t have too much of a problem integrating yourself into the whole system.

Key Takeaway
There are many places for OFWs nowadays to go and work at. Although there are still pretty enticing jobs hiring in Dubai, you should also consider opportunities from other countries. Keep in mind that your job may be important, but your living conditions are up there as well. Be sure that you choose the country where you’ll be able to work and live functionally!