How do you land an overseas job with no work experience?

1.    Demonstrate the skills even without working experience
2.    Present any side projects you got involved in
3.    Send a peerless cover letter
4.    Apply for in-demand fields
5.    Be realistic

Don’t think that it’s impossible to land a job abroad even without any work experience. There are those eager to find work overseas in order to improve their standards of living or find better opportunities elsewhere. In the Philippines, many search for a job overseas thinking that their international competitor applicants with job experiences will be the first choice for companies abroad. But that’s not totally true, with these tips, you can land a job even without experience. Here’s what you can do to level the playing field:

Demonstrate the Skills Even Without Working Experience

Even without work experience, there are lots of valuable skills that you learn throughout your schooling that can make you marketable for companies abroad. Research about the job you will be applying for. Make sure that your expertise and the job description are aligned.
You don’t have to apply for a job abroad that is directly in line with the career path of your course. As long as you have the necessary values and qualities they are looking for then don’t hesitate to give it a shot. There are dozens of job hiring in Dubai that have jobs that you may fit in with. Just flex everything noteworthy thing you’ve done in school or any involvement with other organizations.

Present Any Side Projects You Got Involved In

This is one of the best ways to entice a hiring employer. Your side projects will project to them some of your capabilities and bits and pieces of experience that may be useful for their company. If you have a degree in the arts, present a portfolio of your designs, logos, brochures, and the elements of your work process. Business majors can show off a business platform you got involved in or a college project that involved getting into sales or marketing. If you have a degree in computer science, present an application you made or flex your coding skills.
There is a multitude of ways wherein you could use your school projects, papers, or even your thesis to give you the upper hand against your fellow applicants. These are but a few examples. What’s important is to show something unique.

Send a Peerless Cover Letter

When you hit the spot with this, it gives you an instant advantage against other international applicants. Overseas employers will be impressed by applicants who can speak and write fluently. For many companies abroad, this is a sign of international competence and to a degree, a sign of intelligence as well.
Don’t just show off your skills and the countless seminars you’ve attended. Write a cover letter that is engaging and enthusiastic. Display your enthusiasm and drive to excel. That way, a company will know that you’ll be truly dedicated to the job at hand if they choose to hire you. When writing an epic cover letter, always keep these things in mind and into writing, show them your passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Apply for In-demand Fields

You’ll spend most of your time in the Philippines searching for overseas jobs. A tip I could give you is to apply for fields that are in demand. Companies that do mass hiring could be your door to working abroad. Most overseas jobs that are usually in demand are those under the fields of engineering, science, and computer science.
During your overseas job search in the Philippines, you may even come across huge companies in Dubai a job hiring for DHL, The Emirates Group, or Microsoft. If you have some knowledge about the job description of the listing, it’s best to give these companies a shot. Big international companies will give you the best benefits and numerous jobs to choose from.

Be Realistic

Looking for an overseas job will help give you a sustainable career and quality of life. But most people usually underplay themselves when looking for a job away from the motherland. Many would go for jobs they’re overqualified in order to get in easily. But one should know that the majority of international applicants will do the same as well, in turn, this saturates the market for your desired field; lowering your chances of getting in, especially without experience.
Being realistic about the position and job you’ll be applying for means that you shouldn’t aim too high nor air too low as well. Use your academic achievements and extracurricular activities to display your righteousness for the job. You will know it within yourself if you are fit for a certain job.

Key Takeaway

Applying overseas without any work experience may be a very ambitious thing to do. But it is possible to get hired abroad even without any experience at all. Some companies will consider your academic achievements and extracurricular activities as work experience. As long as you are confident and present yourself well, you will have the advantage among the international competition.