How do you boost your credentials as a seaman?

1.    Increase your value
2.    Strive for excellence
3.    Step up and volunteer
4.    Never be left behind
5.    Showcase leadership
6.    Build and Maintain Healthy Colleague Relationships

During your overseas job search in the Philippines, you may come across dozens of out of country opportunities, such as a job hiring in Dubai or a chance to become a professional mariner. If you’re on the path of the latter, then you know that it’s one of the most challenging professions. But there’s always a way to rise above the competition as a seafarer. Here are some tips on how to boost your credentials as a seaman.

Increase your Value

Increasing your value as a seaman involves doing more than you are told, accomplishing tasks with precision and haste. Your captain will always remember your beneficial roles on board. Do everything you can to take initiative without having to be told to do a task. Even simple gestures such as offering help will uplift your worth.

Failure to be beneficial to the team could lead to a termination of contract, which will negatively impact your credentials. Being a reliable member to the team will improve the way people regard you. This will be of great benefit to you when you’re applying for a new contract. Your former captain will let manning agencies know that you’re one of the best people to hire and potentially be a runner up for promotion.

Strive for Excellence

Never settle for anything less than excellent when carrying out tasks. The last thing you’d want is to give your seniors a reason to find fault in the things you do on board. Execute your responsibilities precisely and work with efficiency and effectivity.
Striving for excellence will reflect well and increase your reputation. If you do everything you’re told and much more then you’ll be regarded as one of the best or more reliable members of the crew. Your seniors will look up to you.
If you’re the go-to for the job, then that’s a good sign that you’re on your way up the ranks. Dedication and commitment will be your keys to increasing your credentials on this department. But don’t just work like a robot, showing enthusiasm with what you do would even be better.

Step up and Volunteer

If ever any opportunity to do additional work arises, don’t just sit back and ignore these. Volunteering for additional work will not only let your name be recognized by your seniors or employer, it’s will be a good way to learn new experiences and add to the list of your onboard proficiencies. Manning agencies are always looking for individuals who can handle more than what they’re tasked to do.
Your seniors will likely give you outstanding marks during your evaluation. Staying on top of your duties and helping out with some additional work will be one of your most marketable qualities, this will help boost your credentials and potentially get you promoted earlier than you expect.

Never Be Left Behind

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest technologies can help you learn new things faster. That applies to every aspect of being a seaman. There are loads of technological advancements involved with the profession of the shipping industry.
Getting left behind will make you inefficient and stun your learning curve. To be a captain, you need to know every aspect of your ship and the crew. You can’t get there simply by getting by. You must be actively learning and updating yourself with everything that’s going on, even with the technical aspects of your professional field.

Showcase Leadership

To get to a position of leadership means having necessary leadership skills that can help uplift your crew and assist them with their tasks. Simply being professional with all that you do and how you interact with your crew members can help you develop your leadership skills. Never look down on anyone, you are all a vital component for the maritime industry.
Treat everyone with humility and respect, regardless of rank. To have a seat as captain involves harnessing the ability to motivate every crew member. You must be a team player, respect every individual on board, and constantly learn and adapt to different situations.

Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships with Colleagues

It’s always important to build healthy working relationships with your subordinates, colleagues, and seniors. Displaying a good professional image will be key to increasing your credentials as a maritime professional. There’s nothing more important to a seaman than his name and reputation. Dispel any rumors and circulating gossips on board. Don’t get into relationships that would do you no good. Keep everything you do professional and always protect your image.

Key Takeaway

If you’re planning to be a seafarer or are already one who is looking to find a quick way to get promoted, then never fail to learn on the job. These tips will always apply for any overseas job you’ll search for in the Philippines. More so as a maritime professional. You could fare well in the best and worst of conditions of you follow these tips. If there’s a new job hiring in Dubai or a contract in Spain, never forget to follow these tips by heart.