What are the 7 tips to adjust to a life away from home when you are an Overseas Filipino Worker?

  1. Immerse yourself in local culture
  2. Get to know the language
  3. Expect culture shock
  4. Seek help to address difficulties
  5. Get to know your surroundings
  6. Adjust expectations
  7. Continue your hobbies


One of the most difficult parts of finding suitable jobs hiring in Dubai or in any other country aside from your own is adjusting to a new life. It will be a complete revamp of the lifestyle that you are used to which will require you to deal with a lot. It is hard but it is possible, so with that, you have to take some steps to ensure that you do so with ease.

Here are some tips in order to make sure that you get rid of nagging feeling of loneliness from homesickness and successfully adjust to life away from your home.


Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Living away from home requires you or even forces you to get out of your comfort zone and take extra steps in being one with your new environment. Embracing the local culture of the country you’ll work in doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your motherland. Just consider it as your second home. Embracing local culture with open arms will make it easier for you to adjust to your new life away from home.

You can start to open your mind and read up on the country you will work in even if you haven’t left for the country yet. If you’ve found posts on job hiring in Dubai, Japan, or Thailand, do some advanced reading about their culture, language and what is not socially acceptable. When you get there, try joining local festivities, eat what the locals eat, and treat everyone with respect.


Get to Know the Language

Working and living in a foreign country leaves you no choice to learn useful words and phrases that can be used for any situation. Typically, you’ll easily pick up on words like “hello” and “thank you”, but if you’re going to work there for years, you might as well open your mind to learning the whole language of the country. Some people don’t really learn the language because they find themselves in a predominantly English-speaking community or with fellow expats. But it won’t hurt to learn the language by hiring a tutor or by reading a book. It isn’t really a simple feat to learn a new language, but with enough dedication and time, you can eventually learn how to speak fluently.


Expect Culture Shock

The best way to avoid the adverse effects of culture shock is to expect it. It is only normal to experience culture shock especially if you are not used to leaving your comfort zone. You have to understand that even the most experienced overseas workers are not immune to culture shock.

This is a feeling that can last for weeks, months, or even years. The best way to deal with this is to learn how to be open minded no matter where you are in the world. Engage with friendly and positive people and maintain communication with people back at home. This way, you would not be stuck on negative feelings resulting from culture shock.


Seek Help to Address any Difficulties

Do not pressure yourself too much because being away from home is hard enough. Appreciate yourself and your efforts so you would not feel that you are carrying unwarranted loads. It is important that you also know who to turn to when difficulties arise.

Maintain a sense of camaraderie with your peers and workmates so you will know who to rely on when the going gets tough. Build friendships so you would not be too burdened with hardships. Accept that you cannot do it all by yourself and it is already a large sacrifice to work away from home.



Adjust Expectations

Adjusting expectations can help you minimize the feeling of culture shock and homesickness. It is normal if you cannot cope up with changes right away, do not beat yourself up if you find yourself in the adjustment period even after you have stayed in a particular country for a long time now. It pays to be optimistic but do not expect that everyone will be reliable. Although it can be taxing to always be on-guard, you should also know that this is a way to adjust to a new life.


Continue Your Hobbies

Getting used to a different culture can be hard but if you bring something that reminds you of home, then you can effectively cope up with this factor of being an overseas worker. If you have finally aced an application for an overseas job, you should also know that you can have an easier time to face an important part of this new chapter of your life by engaging in things you are familiar with.

If you like reading or painting back at home, then continue this and learn about new stuff. Or if you are the athletic type, enroll in a gym or join group activities that will satisfy your hobby. Either way, this will make you open to experience whatever your life overseas can offer you.


Key Takeaway

Adjusting to life away from home is never easy but with the tips above, you will succeed! Always remember that working overseas is a great sacrifice because you cannot prevent being lonely from homesickness so you have to cut yourself some slack sometimes. With the right mindset, you will adjust to this new experience in no time!