One of the hardest things that the majority of people have to do at least once in their lifetime is to look for a job. The entire process is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining and can last for a really long time. It takes a lot of time, effort, and actual dedication and this is just referring to when you have to find a job locally. Your overseas job search in the Philippines is going to be twice maybe even thrice as hard. Then again, as much as many would like to avoid this task, it’s an absolute necessity especially for those who wish to help out their families.

There are many reasons as to why the search for an overseas job in the Philippines is so difficult and cost is usually the most common. It takes a lot – requirements, fees, and documents – to even be able to apply for a job overseas. Another is the level of education and experience that are required for many available positions. Many fall below the necessary standard and find it hard to get accepted. There’s also the difficulty of employers overseas and the uncertainty of whether they’re legitimate or not.

You’re really going to go through a lot before you land your ideal job overseas but it doesn’t mean that you should give up midway. Once you’re in it, make sure you see it through the end. Truth be told, there may be a reason you’re having a hard time overseas. You may be making mistakes such as looking for the right job in the wrong place or poorly marketing yourself and your skills. It’s also possible that you’re using the wrong channels and job sites and that you’re getting scammed for your money.

There’s actually a lot of things that could be standing in your way even though you may not be aware of them. If you feel like you’ve been on the search for an overseas job in the Philippines for a long time nor or even if you’re new to it, we suggest you continue scrolling and read this article through to the end. This is a quick guide for people like you who wish to attain success in foreign lands!

5 Reasons to Search for an Overseas Job in the Philippines

If you’re unsure about your plans and still aren’t fully set on working overseas, then here are some great reasons to search for an overseas job in the Philippines that may just make you commit to this life-changing decision!

Truthfully speaking, there are a lot more work opportunities for you overseas than there are locally. This is especially true for Filipinos who are well-loved and are in high demand abroad because of their great work ethic.

Aside from the many opportunities available to you beyond the country, there’s also fairly less competition. The Philippines produces more than a million graduates every year and most, if not all, of these individuals enter the workforce almost immediately. What this means is that you have an additional million people to compete against as each year passes.

Not only is it difficult to get a job locally because of the fierce competition, the average salary and benefits offered by local employers are actually less than desirable. Some people are happy to settle, thinking that they’d be able to slowly but sure work their way up the ladder, while others aren’t so willing.

Hard as it may be to do, you must face the fact that doing the same work abroad can help you earn more – usually twice, sometimes thrice – than if you were to do them in the Philippines.

Working abroad is going to widen your horizons as you’re going to be exposed to different cultures, traditions, languages, and people. Just your search for a job overseas in the Philippines is already going to help you widen your horizons as you research about the countries you plan to work in.

Although we live in a global world, people are still living repetitive lives – same country, same issues, same discussions, same sights – and fail to experience new things. You can escape this tiring cycle by taking on a job overseas. Through this, you’re going to gain a perspective on global issues and situations, allowing you to view the world in a different and hopefully better light.

It goes without saying that having experience overseas is going to significantly enhance your professional value or employability. This is not only because it thickens up and beautifies your resume but also because you’re going to develop a lot of skills and qualities that many global employers look for.

A great example of this is adaptability. Many multinational companies have a diverse set of employees and they want someone who can fit right in. They want people who know how to interact with various individuals no matter the race or nationality. Since you’ve already gained such skills during your time overseas, you’re going to have an edge over people who developed their skills locally even if you both basically did the same type of work.

Working and living abroad is a wonderful adventure that you shouldn’t pass up if you were given the chance. Many actually recommend that people try working abroad even if just once in order to experience what it’s like – and also to make that resume more appealing.

You’re going to make great friends, create unforgettable memories, and basically live a wonderful life. Note though that it won’t be all rainbows and butterflies. There are going to be challenges and difficulties both in your work and personal life that you have to face. If, however, you are able to weather whatever life throws at you, we can guarantee that you’d be having the time of your life abroad even as you earn money to help yourself and your family.

  • More Opportunities Overseas
  • Higher Salaries and Better Benefits
  • Widen Your Horizons
  • Increase Your Professional Value
  • Enjoy a Wonderful Adventure

5 Most Popular Countries for Overseas Filipino Workers

At present, there are almost 2.3 million OFWs spread across the globe and the number is going to increase as time passes and more people take advantage of the many opportunities abroad. Out of the 195 countries, there are a select few that aspiring OFWs want to work in which you may want to consider as you search for an overseas job in the Philippines.

People favor Singapore because of the many job opportunities open for foreigners, high salaries, great benefits packages, and safety in the country. Another reason why so many desire to work in this South East Asian country is because it provides a viable career progress with a stable economy. Its close proximity to the Philippines is also a good plus as workers can easily come for during the holidays and whenever else needed.

According to a recent survey, Saudi Arabia remains to be the leading country of destination for people from the Philippines in search of a job overseas. Almost 25.4% of OFWs are working in this country which also proved many opportunities for our fellowmen. The reason for this is the generous salary and benefit packages which are combined with a low cost of living and a strong economy. It is believed that Saudi will continue to be a top destination for OFWs for the following years, so it’s definitely a place you may want to look into.

The average income that expats or OFWs earn in the UAW is $124,000 per annum or roughly around ₱6.7 million. Although the average cost of living is higher compared to other countries, it’s still a pretty hefty sum that could allow you to save up for you and your family’s future. The best part is it has a thriving economy and is expected to provide many more economic opportunities in the future.

New Zealand offers a completely different and new environment that is equally rewarding. You’re definitely going to feel your life changing as you work in this foreign country. Moving to New Zealand guarantees easy integration with its people and adjustment to customs and traditions. Many have actually admitted to living a better life since moving to this country and they also found it easy to insert themselves into the community and find amazing work and accommodations.

If you’re looking for a good place to work and a great place for you and your family to live in, then Canada should definitely be in your radar. Locals of this country are long known for their friendliness to foreign residents, so you’re sure to feel welcome. Besides, there’s already a pretty large number of OFWs and actual Filipinos in the country so you should feel right at home.

  • Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Job Overseas

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there may be reasons as to why you’re finding it hard to land a job overseas. In order to end your fruitless journey, we suggest you take a step back and look at your entire search process. We’ve listed the most common mistakes people make and you should avoid, so simply continue reading!

So many people want to work overseas so they can lift their families out of poverty and promise them a prosperous future, but you’ve got to have more than just that. You need to know what you actually want to do in life – the career you want to pursue, goals you want to achieve, and skills you want to improve. You need to pick at least one thing to focus on may that be public health, real estate, marketing, advertising, or whatever it is you’re good at and work towards it.

We listed down the five most popular countries for OFWs but it doesn’t mean that you need only to focus on one or two of those. You can go off the beaten up where competition is fewer and talent is less concentrated. Doing so may even land you a better and higher paying job than any of the countries we’ve mentioned. Of course, it’s not a mistake to go for the ones we’ve listed but we’re telling you to expand your search and try out countries that are less known.

People get so caught up in the many difficulties that come with working abroad such as the cultural differences and language barrier and it’s actually preventing them from applying for jobs that they may be qualified for. It’s great to know the language and understand the culture but they are very rarely necessary. There are companies that are willing to hire translators and train you later on than accepting less experienced individuals that may not be good for the job.

If you think you can easily land a job overseas without a proper network of people, then you’re wrong. It may seem harsh and cruel to use people to get your dream job but that’s only if you milk your contacts. In order to avoid being rude, make sure that both parties benefit from the relationship. What this means is you’ve got to compensate your contact for helping you land a job in whatever way possible.

So many applicants back on their thick resumes and amazing experiences when employers aren’t actually looking to read several pages of the things you’ve done and accomplished. There may be some who prefer CVs that run several pages, but the majority only want one or two organized pages that highlight all your greatest accomplishments and best skills. If you can’t sell yourself in two pages, then you may want to rethink your strategy.

There are many ways to search for an overseas job in the Philippines such as looking through classified ads, exploring the world wide web, going to employment agencies and the like. There are also illegal and fake recruitment agencies and these are things you want to watch out for. You might end up being scammed for your money or deported to some far off land for a job you definitely didn’t apply for if you work with these agencies. In order to avoid this, make sure to look for jobs only at registered and government-recognized agencies.

Slacking off means not being pro-active and simply waiting for employers to call back or contact you after you’ve sent your resume. Your resume is likely to get buried under a pile together with other people’s and one of the best ways to make employers pick it up and have a look is through contacting them directly. Asking for an update regarding your application is sure to catch their attention and make you more likely to be considered for the job.

  • Going in it Without a Goal
  • Focusing on a Popular Country
  • Getting Caught Up in the Difficulties
  • Failing to Set Up a Network
  • Passing Thick Resumes
  • Searching Through the Wrong Channels
  • Slacking Off During the Job Search

8 Reminders as You Search for a Job Overseas in the Philippines

Your search for a job overseas in the Philippines is sure to be a long a difficult one, but it should be a lot easier if you keep these simple reminders in mind at all times!

  • Whip up a job-search strategy so that your experience doesn’t lead to missed opportunities.
  • Prepare all the necessary requirements that you’re going to need to apply for a job abroad such as your resume and visa.>
  • Research about everything regarding the country such as cost of living, culture, traditions, and like to make your transition a lot easier.
  • Have confidence in yourself because employers are going to be looking for that during the interview.
  • Tap your network and ask if they know of any job opportunities that would be perfect for someone with your expertise.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and try applying for as many jobs as you can so long as they’re within your area of expertise.
  • Consider going abroad to continue your search there because you’re more likely to land a job that way.
  • Work only with trusted agencies that are recognized by the government to ensure your safety.

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