Dubai is one of the biggest cities in the United State of Emirates. It is well-known for its high living standards and income-tax salaries. Additionally, a lot of major companies have extended their operations to this city It is no wonder that Filipinos keep on looking for jobs hiring in Dubai. Despite its strengths, working in Dubai is not only a one-day decision. Like any country, there is no guarantee you will be accepted to your dream job. Some industries have too many nationals to fill the industry positions.

It is also very easy to be fooled by illegal recruiters. Additionally, you have to be aware of the protocols needed when you finally work. Lastly, the city may have things that are not present in the Philippines. Because of these factors, these are the things you need to know you are looking for jobs hiring in Dubai:

In-demand Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal location for professionals in the Philippines looking to work abroad. With a growing economy of its own, they will prioritize their own citizens, thanks to Emiratization when it comes to working. Fortunately, there are a lot of jobs hiring in Dubai who are in demand of a lot more employees. Usually, emirates citizens do not apply to these career positions because of a lot of factors. As long as you have the credentials, there is no harm in applying for these in-demand Dubai jobs These are the jobs hiring in Dubai you can apply to and have a high chance of succeeding:

Dubai is a country that is well known for oil and energy resources. The requirements needed to become an engineer have discouraged UAE locals from finishing an engineering course, therefore expats have a high chance of getting this job in the constructing industry, compared to for example finance. Additionally, many locals think that moving through the ranks once you start working takes too long

If you graduated from college with an engineering major, you will most likely be hired by Dubai employers. The Philippines tends to have one of the highest standards among ASEAN countries because of several reasons. First, Filipino schools with engineering rank higher compared to other ASEAN ones. Second, Filipino employees are not only skilled but also fluent in English. They can communicate with almost any foreigner. Salaries for engineering positions can range from $ 15,000 to $205,000 annually.

Dubai firms have been looking into streamlining processes as much as possible with technology. Additionally, new technological businesses have been disturbing traditional industries. When it comes to information technology, firms are interested with job seekers who have skills in data analysis, AI for business information, cloud technology, and program development.

They also keep looking for possible project managers. As long technological advances keep of developing, the IT industry will keep having positions for expats to work in Dubai. Generally, salaries in this sector can range from $52,000-$160,000 annually.

UAE’s government as a whole has recently implemented the quarterly value-added tax for the first time. Therefore, a lot of audit and non-audit firms have been looking for accountants that specialize in taxation to do the VAT calculations for them. A lot of them don’t have knowledge of this tax, what are the business documents required to register for one, and are afraid of the possible penalties that may come from a miscalculated one.

Since the Philippines has implemented VAT for all of our goods for so long, Filipino accountants looking for jobs hiring in Dubai have their familiarity with calculating this tax. This gives them a competitive advantage when finding a job. Accountants who specialize in tax usually earn from $92,000 to $140000 annually in 2018.

The Dubai economy is shifting their focus from being dependent on physical resources to being more knowledge-based thanks to technological developments. The UAE has a plan called Vision 2021 and wants their knowledgeable workforce to increase by 40% by 2021, and they will be the ones mainly responsible for driving the growth of the country. Due to the importance that they place on knowledge, most brands have been open to many nationalities who have potential talent.

Because they are depending on the talents and skills of employees, companies need more HR personnel to manage these potential hires. Expats have a lot of possible positions to fill that include: managers, executive assistants, and business partners. The typical salaries of HR personnel range from $ 53,000 to $128,500 annually.

  • Engineers
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources

How to Get a Working Visa

If you want to pursue jobs hiring in Dubai, you will need to apply for a work visa as soon as possible. Job applicants from the Philippines are only able to stay a number of days as a tourist before becoming forced to go back to your country This is why it might be best to have already gotten the job before even entering.

Once you got the job and are able to meet your recruiter when you arrive, the application for a temporary work visa can already begin. The employer is mainly in charge of securing a work visa for you.

The process starts with an employment letter or contract from him or her. The recruiter will prepare all of the requirements for you to sign and submit all of them for you to be processed. When it is accepted, your visa will allow you to work for 2 months. This a temporary pass for you to stay and work, a type of permit before you accomplish the more important residence visa and the employer accomplishes the next work permit.

How to Get a Residence Visa

The residence visa is what you should aim to get while your work visa still works. It will allow you to free travel around Dubai and the rest of the UAE. To get this, you will have to get a health card.

The health card is proof that you are fit to reside in Dubai for usually two years. The UAE does not allow foreigners who have HIV, Hepatitis C, or tuberculosis to stay in their cities such as Dubai. You will take blood tests as proof that you do not have any of these diseases. When you receive medical records proving you passed, you are ready to apply for a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services. You just need to submit a photo, employee contract, work visa papers, and passport information.

How to Get a Work Permit

After you succeeded with the residence visa, you can now get a work permit. The work permit is basically your labor card and should be done by the employer. When it comes to the labor card, the employer will submit the same requirements as the medical card, but with your work visa and employer labor license. These will all be sent to the Dubai’s Ministry of Labor. Lastly, your recruiter will be in charge of all the fees. A labor card lasts usually 2 years as well, but you have no limitations in terms of updating it.

Tips for Job Applicants

When it comes to interviews, Dubai and other UAE countries have been developing other means of interviewing and testing applicants besides the standard answer and question. You may need to do auditions, videos, and even soft skills exams. You need to be prepared to answer non-traditional interviews and exams.

When it comes to seeking for job posts, online ports, and mobile apps are the most convenient. These advertisements here for jobs hiring in Dubai are most likely safe if, there are very detailed with their information. POEA or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration are the only ones who are licensed to post these opportunities and they are always transparent with the number. They will input the company’s name, worksite, its POEA license number, and the number of people they are going to hire. They will also tell you the official address of the recruitment agency in the Philippines so you can give your resumes there or have interviews there. Lastly, these POEA approved brands will offer a recruitment fee that is equal to your salary.

Additionally, be careful of illegal recruiters. Most of them lurk on social media, particularly Facebook, and attract victims by offering opportunities that seem too good to be true. A sketchy advertisement will first ask you to submit your email address to ask for further information about a position. They are already supposed to have placed the data in the first place. Additionally, these ads tend to require to pay through their post office box. Lastly, they may say that you can work with just a tourist visa, which is illegal. You need a work permit for that.

If you accept sketchy job offers, you might end up in war-torn places like Iraq or Syria. You will spend so much money on criminals and get nothing in return.

Also, never attempt to go to a job where the employer accepts fake papers. It may seem easier than doing it the legal ways, but acquiring a job illegally will cause you problems later down the road. If you ever caught by the police, the company will not hesitate to brand you as a criminal. You might suffer imprisonment for a few months.

Working Conditions in Dubai

The biggest reason why Filipinos want to work in Dubai is because of the high salary. Even if it is important to think about earnings when looking for jobs hiring in Dubai, it is important to also be aware of the conditions you will have to deal with while working there.

First, citizens are mostly Muslim. Therefore, a lot of your teammates will prioritize dedicating times in the day just for prayer because of their religion and this is especially amplified in the Ramadan season. You may notice that people will move slower with their work compared to the Philippines because of these praying sessions. Overall, their pace might be slower than you are used to and you will just have to adjust.

When it comes to commuting to work, you may face some troubles if you choose to drive. Citizens in Dubai, especially the youth, are prone to be careless in driving. They ignore rules thanks to minimal police enforcement and speed limits are still pretty high. Therefore, it might be safer to just walk or ride public transportation.

In terms of communication with citizens, Filipino are usually in luck. They can work on Dubai using primarily their English skills. Additionally, news and information are mostly written in English. People typically work for eight to nine hours. Additionally, their high English rate is due to the diversity prioritized by jobs hiring in Dubai. Longtime workers are very used to different nationals working in the same place.

Lastly, salaries in Dubai are free of income tax, unlike the Philippines. While these may mean more money for your if you work abroad, it can tempt you to spend more when you shouldn’t. The city is known for its extravagance and your fellow co-workers may own several luxury items because it is common for citizens to own status symbols. You may be tempted to splurge on these and gain debts. If you ever resign, employers tell the bank and any outstanding debts might give you imprisonment times.

Apply for Jobs Hiring in Dubai with

If you are in the Philippines and looking overseas job opportunities, you will most like depend on online advertisements. If you were to look for a job the traditional way with a long-term or short-term tourist visa, you would not have enough time. You will usually only have around 30-90 days to find a job.

Luckily, the website is a place on the Internet where you can find update job postings. All of the Dubai companies who post their job openings are all POEA accredited, and therefore legal.

Additionally, there are blogs and news you can read if you need to know more information about working abroad. Click here to learn more about us!