Work Abroad: Adjusting to Your New Life Overseasg

What are some ways you can do to adjust to your new life overseas?
  1. Learn about the country
  2. Keep an open mind
  3. Make new friends
  4. Keep in touch with family

People from the Philippines search for a job overseas in hopes of living and providing a better life for themselves and for their families. They pack up their bags, leave their families behind, go to a foreign land, work their bones all day, and send their earnings to their families. This, at least, is the case for most, if not all, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

It could be a lonely life, but it could also be quite exciting and rewarding. There are countless opportunities to meet new people, explore new places, learn new things, and develop new skills. If there’s one thing that a life overseas can promise someone, it would be growth – both as a professional and as an individual. The rewards are also well worth it as it allows people to help their family and give them a life of comfort and wealth, and that’s really all that anyone desires.

If you’re looking forward to a job overseas or are currently in search for one, then you’re sure to experience some of these things. Admittedly, there will be a few challenges. But you there are ways to take them head-on. Keep reading to find out some of them.

1. Learn About the Country

Prior to flying off to a foreign land, you must perform your due diligence and learn a few things about the place or country. Culture, traditions, customs, language - these are some of the things you should study about.

Of course, you don't have to master the language, but it pays to know basic words. Even if you're going somewhere that uses English as a second language, you should still put some effort into learning their mother tongue.

Another thing you should research on is the work culture of the country or at least your soon-to-be-place of work. There may be some things that you are used to that are looked down upon or prohibited overseas, so make sure to look those up.

2. Keep an Open Mind

One of the best things you can do as you move, work, and live abroad is to constantly keep an open mind. You can read up on another culture as much as you want but experience is going to be the ultimate teacher - it is how you're going to truly understand some things.

In order to achieve full understanding of the ways of a different group of people, you must leave all your prejudices behind and learn to accept or appreciate their lifestyle. Keep in mind that just because something is different from what you've grown up with, it doesn't mean that it's automatically wrong. Your experience isn't the only right one in the world and this goes for your beliefs, habits, and the like.

Many people are set on their own ways that they forget about the many different possibilities that exist in the universe. If you let these things pass by because you failed to keep an open mind, then you're only keeping yourself from growing.

3. Make new friends

Working abroad doesn't mean you're meant to grind your bones 24/7; you are allowed and should have fun. Your life overseas should be a balanced mix of work and fun which you can only do so my making new friends.

Start by befriending your co-workers and your neighbors whether they're locals or not. If they've been there way longer than you've been, then they could serve as your guides as you find your way in the foreign country. If they're new to the place - as you are - then consider exploring the place and learning about it together.

Friends are going to make your life abroad all the more fun and easy. They'd be able to help you through tough times and celebrate the good times. Soon, they're going to be your family away from your real home.

4. Keep in Touch with Family

Of all the things OFWs struggle with, the toughest one would have to be homesickness. You're going to miss them during random moments and there are going to be things that will remind you of your life in the Philippines. At times, you're going to want to drop everything and go back home but then remind yourself why you're making such sacrifices.

Thankfully, technology has developed enough to allow you to communicate with your family and friends no matter the time, day, and distance. It may not be the same as being there physically but it’s better than waiting days or weeks for letters as postcards – something many had to live with before.

Take advantage of this and keep in touch with your family as often as you can. Update them about your life and ask them about theirs. This way, you won’t feel as detached from them and you could alleviate your homesickness even by just a little.

Key Takeaway

If the difficulty of a adapting to a completely different culture is holding you back from continuing your search for an overseas job in the Philippines, then you need not worry anymore. The things we've listed here are sure to help you adjust easily and quickly to the place that'd be your new home for a significant amout of time.

It's still going to be tough as there are bound to be obstacles, but these things should somewhat lighten your already heavy load. So even though moving, working, and living in a new country may be a daunting challenge, we can assure you that it's definitely one worth taking!