Check out the basic types of visas for foreigners who wish to work in some of the popular destinations of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Saudi Arabia

Work Visa. This is the visa that is needed for those who wish to live and work full time in Saudi Arabia. Some of the requirements needed to be eligible for this type of visa are employment contract, medical certificates and attestation certificate of qualifications.

The Working Visitor Visa. This visa type will allow one to work in Saudi up to 180 days. It is granted upon invitation from Saudi's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is usually given to airline pilots and oil industry workers.

The following is basic information about the work permit schemes for foreign professionals in Singapore.

Employment Pass Scheme (EP). This is the basic work permit for skilled foreigners who wish to work in Singapore. The monthly salary must be more than SGD3,000 (effective January 2012). Applicants should be a degree holder from a recognized university and with relevant work experience.

There is no official quota or limit on the number of EPs that can be issued. Upon initial approval, the EP is valid for 1-2 years (validity is determined by authorities). It is renewable with the condition that the applicant stays with the same employer. Holders of EP visa can apply for permanent eligibility after some time.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) Scheme. This is a special work permit for individuals that are not exclusive to a single employer. Holders are allowed to switch jobs without the need to apply for a new employment pass as long as the work gap period would not exceed six months.

Once issued, it is valid for three (3) years and is non-renewable. Visa holders are allowed to apply for permanent residency in time.

S Pass Scheme- This can be used for mid-skilled employees whose monthly salary is a minimum of SGD2,200 (effective July 2013). Applicants are assessed based on his or her qualifications and on the employers quota eligibility. A technical diploma instead of a degree is needed in this type of pass.

Upon initial approval, the S Pass is valid for 1-2 years (validity is determined by authorities). It is renewable with the condition that the applicant stays with the same employer. They are also eligible for permanent residency though they may have to wait for up to five years and should prove that they have a stable job in Singapore.

Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme – This is used by foreigners who need to go Singapore for shore-term job assignments. It is often used by those who need to attend or conduct seminar, conference, workshop, gathering or talk concerning any religion, race or community, or political end.

There is no quota for issuance of this type of visa and each application is assessed based on its own merit. Holders are not allowed to apply for permanent residency.


H-1B (specialty occupation) This visa type is for applicants that are bound to US with an arrange professional job offer. Applicants should at least have a bachelor's degree in the job specialization that they are applying for. The employer of the applicant is also required to file a labor condition application with the US Department of Labor.

H-2A (seasonal agricultural workers). This visa allows employers in America to sponsor a foreign worker for a temporary job in the agriculture industry in cases when no US workers are available to fill the positions.

The employer or an organization of U.S. agricultural should file a Form I-129, Petition for Non-immigrant Worker on behalf of the worker.

H-2B visa (skilled and unskilled workers). This visa is for workers who will be employed for a temporary or seasonal job in America wherein there is a shortage of US workers. The employer should get a certificate from the US Department of Labor to prove that there are no qualified U.S. workers for the position that will be given to the foreign worker.

H-3 (trainee) This is given to a worker who will go to the US to be trained by an employer for up to two years. Training that pertains to a graduate education is not covered in this visa type. The visa holder can receive payment from the employer but it should not be used to provide productive employment.

P (artists, entertainers). This is the visa for foreigners who will go to US as athletes, entertainers, artists and essential support personnel.