The beginning of the New Year often signals a time of reflection and looking forward. If you’re in the middle of your job search, or simply want to make sure your career is always headed on the right track, it is always a good idea to take time to update your career profile every year. Your profile is your tool to landing your dream overseas job, and with it, you can establish a good impression to make that recruitment officer call you for an interview.
Kick-start your overseas career for the New Year with this step-by-step guide to updating your profile:

1. Complete your profile.

Provide all the necessary information in your profile to catch the hirer’s attention. This includes educational attainment, work experience, availability and contact details. Hirers might drop your application if it is less than 80% complete. They need to ensure that the candidates they invite for interviews have the background they are looking for and can be contacted easily.

2. Highlight your qualifications.

Highlight your qualifications by listing the seminars, trainings and career development programs you’ve attended, as well as the skills you possess. Recruitment agencies can search for qualified candidates by using keywords. Be sure that your profile is searchable on

3. Actively login to your Profile.

When recruitment agencies pool for applicants in the database, the system displays the most recently visited profiles on top of the list of candidates. Regularly login to your profile and update it every 6 months to ensure that your profile can be easily found by hirers.

4. Choose two relevant Job Specializations.

Ideally, your preferred overseas job must be supported by your work experience, educational background and skills. This will guarantee hirers that you are adept in the type of profession you chose to pursue abroad. Also, this will help hirers find your resume easily.

5. Subscribe to Job Alerts. sends out weekly job alerts to notify you of the latest jobs based on your preferred job specializations. If you still have not subscribed to job alerts, be sure to update your profile settings to allow you to receive these relevant email notifications.
What are you waiting for? Get started this week and be one step closer to reaching your dream overseas career! Update your profile now!