Hey Kabayan! Are you ready for 2018? It’s the start of a new year, and as we all know, it’s time again for making all those New Year’s Resolutions. What are yours? Have you started thinking about them? If you still haven’t figured out your plans for the year, WorkAbroad has five suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions OFWs to live by for a happy 2018.

1. Continue communication with friends and family back home.

Distance should no longer be a reason not to get in touch with your loved ones back home, given this age of digital technology. Nowadays, there are several free mobile applications, such as Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, available for OFWs to use to communicate with their families and friends.

2. Live a healthier lifestyle.

Eat well, exercise regularly and have a positive outlook in life. Don’t spend all of your time on work and invest in relaxing activities & enjoyable recreation. Be sure to also undergo a medical check-up occasionally to ensure that you are in good shape.

3. Save and spend wisely.

Set aside a certain amount of money you want to save every month initially after you have received your monthly paycheck. Also, cut out unnecessary expenses to help you save more. This extra money may come in handy on certain occasions.

4. Improve relationships at the workplace.

By keeping good relationships at the office, you are eliminating a lot of work stress. Make sure you and your colleagues are taking breaks and lunches and enjoying time to get to know each other. Another way to improve your relationships at work is to spend time with them outside of work.

5. Allot some time for prayers.

You must also take care of your spiritual life. It is just as important to have inner peace, and this can be achieved through constant communication with the Lord. Aside from that, we need to pray for protection for our loved ones every day.
Those are just a few of the many things OFWs can do to improve their lives this 2018. But of course, we don’t need to wait for a new year to change. We have to wake up every morning to change for the better.
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