Having excellent accounting knowledge and mathematical abilities are important skills employers abroad look for in choosing a candidate. When it comes to excelling in a finance career, professionals must demonstrate everything from exceptional analytical ability to a sharp understanding of industry-standard practices.
But in today’s rapidly changing workplace, accounting and finance professionals overseas need to master non-financial skills as well in order to stick around and get ahead in their career.
Below are the top non-financial skills needed to succeed in your finance job:

1. Communication

Oral and written communication skills are essential for every salesperson, but in the finance industry, you must be able to communicate your knowledge with strong speaking, writing and presentation skills. You need to know how to convey complex information in a way people can easily understand.

2. Relationship-Management Skills

In order to succeed as a finance professional, some of the important people skills you need include understanding different personality types, listening, asking the right questions, resolving conflicts, educating others and counseling clients. When people trust you and feel that you respect them, they will want to help you succeed, whether it's by speaking highly of you, promoting you or signing up to be your client.

3. Technological Savvy

In the age of the internet, you will need to be proficient with computer hardware and software and be able to pick up new programs related to your job quickly. The more shortcuts, keys, programs and functions you know in Excel, the better off you will be in finance. It would also help to be familiar with marketing and communication software tools.

4. Project Management and Organization

When it comes to project management, you'll need to efficiently and effectively schedule your time, manage budgets, meet deadlines and get what you need from other people in time to complete your project successfully.
Additionally, both during and after any project, staying organized and paying attention to detail are also key. Especially in the financial world, sloppiness is intolerable.

5. Tenacity

A competitive personality, passion for your excellence and the stamina to work long hours and go above and beyond what's expected of you are all crucial to success in finance.
By combining your ability to analyze numbers with the skills stated above, you'll emerge as a leader and eventually rise to the top of your field. This industry is one that gives professionals resources, money, power, and the pride of knowing they can push themselves each day to become better at what they love to do.
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