Ever wondered how to stand out among millions of aspiring OFWs in the WorkAbroad database and land that dream overseas job?

Let WorkAbroad.ph share you a secret. Initially, recruiters only scan a candidates’ profile for key information that may qualify them for the job at hand before deciding to review the profile more thoroughly. So what are these things that recruiters usually check when sourcing for qualified candidates on WorkAbroad.ph?

Depending on the employer’s qualifications, recruiters use the “Applicant Search” function to find qualified candidates with one or more of the following filters:

·         Applicant’s job title

·         Applicant’s job specialization

·         Applicant’s job description and/or skills

·         Applicant’s total years of experience

·         Applicant’s previous company worked for

·         Applicant’s educational attainment

·         Applicant’s trainings or seminars attended

·         Applicant’s license or certificates obtained

·         Applicant’s gender

·         Applicant’s last resume update

What does this mean? This shows how necessary it is for you to complete the above-mentioned fields. Consider the following when creating a profile:

Complete your personal information, education, and work experience.

Basically, applicants get hired based on their work experience and competency. Complete this field and get recruiters to hire you.  Fresh graduates may indicate their internships/on-the-job trainings in this field. Also, update your contact details, such as your contact numbers and email addresses, regularly.  

Provide details about the licenses/certifications you have obtained, if any.

Recruitment officers search for certain licenses and certifications if the employer requires it. Having these in your profile will definitely give you an edge over other job seekers, so ensure to include all your relevant licenses and certifications such as TESDA training certificates, IELTS and TOEFL exams for nurses, etc.

Add skills and strengths.

Highlight your skills and strengths related to your desired overseas career by indicating the level of proficiency for each.

Take the personality test.

By taking the personality test, you will get to understand your character better. These tests are essential because they will help you determine the types of occupations that best fit your personality, as well as the field in which you will be able to achieve your full potential.

Stay active. Login to your WorkAbroad profile regularly.

Aside from matching search results with the filters provided by the recruitment officer, the WorkAbroad system also has a preference for candidates who frequently visit their profiles.

Make the most of your WorkAbroad profile and get noticed by countless recruitment officers.