Are you ready to take your Sales expertise to the new level? Consider joining the international sales industry and get to enjoy the benefits that overseas employment has to offer. We listed the three fascinating reasons for you to weigh up.


1. Career and Personality Development

Working abroad will expose you a new work environment that will surely enhance your existing skill set and will allow you gain new qualifications like learning a new language. Remember to put your thinking cap on, observe closely and learn.

Moreover, overseas employment will also develop your independence and other personal qualities as you gain cultural awareness.


2. Better Compensation

In most instances, employers abroad offer OFWs free accommodation, transportation and food allowance on top of their tax-free basic salary. This allows the worker to plan his hard-earned money better as his daily expenses become minimal.


3. Hundreds of Opportunities in Different Countries Are Up for Grabs

There are loads of employment opportunities in the sales industry at In fact, an average of 500 vacancies are posted in the site every day while hundreds of POEA-licensed recruitment agencies are hiring qualified applicants using the WorkAbroad database.

And according to WorkAbroad’s data, Filipino sales professionals who are adept in product promotions and customer engagement are needed in Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Singapore.

There are more reasons and advantages of working abroad but these three factors are good enough to help you decide.  And as early as now, build your WorkAbroad profile to find a stable and profitable sales career abroad.



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