You are done with all of the required steps and all of your documents are now set. You are already excited to head off to your country of destination but questions start popping in your head.

That’s what Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS) is here for. Because the government understands that working abroad is a big leap, they created PDOS to guide you as you take a step towards your dream overseas career.

PDOS is a mandatory seminar for all first-time exiting Filipinos for overseas employment purpose taken after the aspiring OFW’s working visa has been approved. Its modules are country-specific, gender-specific, and skills-specific that generally aim to:

  • help OFWs better understand the provisions of their employment contract
  • explain and discuss the rights and responsibilities of OFWs according to the labor laws of the host country
  • inform the OFWs about the host country’s culture, basic laws, weather, and other primer country facts
  • introduce fundamental conversational languages in the work place
  • forewarn the worker about the possible consequences of their actions or inactions while working and living abroad
  • impart ways on how to stay healthy and unharmed overseas
  • present the government programs and services for OFWs and their family
  • teach the worker where to ask for help if the need arises
  • familiarize the worker on airport and airline’s protocols

By taking PDOS seriously, you are doing yourself a favor as this will help you avoid culture shock. The less stress and culture shock you will have, the more you can keep your overseas job inspiring and fun.