Filipinos are known for their abilities to work and compete beyond borders. And just like the 2 million overseas Filipinos who are working abroad, you too can outshine and go the extra mile in the international market industry.

How ready are you to work outside the Philippines? Here are some WorkAbroad tips to expand your career path abroad:

1. Know your Marketability.

The first thing to find out before planning to work abroad, is your desired job’s marketability, where is it needed the most, how much you can earn from it, the possible career growth, and how will you qualify for the post.

These information is necessary for you to decide the next path you need to take.

2. Hone your Proficiency.

The years of work experience you obtain may qualify you for the job you have been eyeing for but gaining experience in the industry or skills where you belong is a big come on. Focus on improving the specific skills or expertise to land your overseas job fast.

3. Research Thoroughly.

Learn about the destination where you want to work including its culture, language, climate and the lifestyle of Filipinos in the area. Doing this will not only prepare for the changes and challenges you may face. You may also use such facts to impress the recruiter or the foreign employer during the employment interview and ace it.

It is also best to take the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) Online as early as now.  This free online program by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) provides pertinent information that aspiring OFWs need to know.

4. Save up.

Financial stability is considered as one of the key reasons why Filipinos opt to work outside the country. It is advisable, though, to save up while you are eyeing for a career abroad so you have enough amount of money to shell out for passport, birth certificate, medical certification, placement fee, processing fee, and others.

5. Build an Impressive WorkAbroad Profile.

One of the effective platforms to be seen by hiring recruitment agencies with valid POEA license is There are hundreds of legit recruitment officers sourcing for qualified candidates in the website while posting their manpower needs at the same time. These recruitment agencies supply a variety of manpower specializations in different countries. Among the most in-demand job specializations are doctors, engineers, nurses, nail technicians, waiters/waitresses, carpenters, electricians, cleaners, and laundry attendants.

Keeping these advices in mind and turning these into actions will surely help you to quickly explore big breaks.