One of the biggest factors that make landing an overseas job challenging is the amount of placement fee that aspiring OFWs need to shell out for.

But fret not! There are provisions where aspiring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) may be exempted from paying the placement fee, as stated in the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) policy.

These are the conditions that spare an applicant from paying the placement fee:

1. The applicant is employed overseas through the Government-to-government hiring/placement facility (POEA-GPB).

The Government of the Philippines, through bilateral agreements with the governments of other countries may facilitate the hiring of Filipino workers through the Government Placement Branch of POEA.

2. The applicant is applying for overseas job as domestic worker, seafarer or caregiver.

Note: Fishermen are also considered seafarers. Hence, they are also exempted from paying the placement fee.

3. The applicant will be working in any of the following destinations:

a. New Zealand
b. United Kingdom
c. Netherlands
d. Ireland
e. Four provinces of Canada such as British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

4. The visa of applicant who will be working in the United States of America is H2B, a type of temporary work visa with a job offer for seasonal and non-agricultural works in the said country.


5. The foreign employer or principal opt to pay for the placement fee of the worker.

If the overseas job does not fall under the stated circumstances, the following terms should be considered:


Pay the placement fee only after signing the employment contract.
The recruitment agency shall issue an official receipt reflecting the actual amount that the worker paid for.
The placement fee should not exceed the worker’s one-month salary.


Check if your desired overseas job is placement-fee free or not. Simply visit the page, login or create a WorkAbroad profile and look for the “Jobs with No Placement Fee” category. There are more than 5,000 overseas job opportunities posted by POEA-licensed agencies in the page as of February 2017.

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