According to the Healthcare Information Association of the Philippines (HIMAP), Filipino nurses have been playing a vital part in the international health industry since the 1970s. At the onset of the 2000s, the demand for Filipino RNs multiplied drastically.

In 2016, there are a total of 500 POEA-licensed agencies that posted their manpower needs for nurses for different countries. Moreover, the 2016 WorkAbroad Jobs and Salary Report shows that the Healthcare-Related (Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant) ranks as the fourth most in-demand job specializations abroad.

Take advantage of this on-going demand and be one step closer toward your career goals. Check the list of countries that are currently looking for Filipino nurses based on the number of jobs posted by POEA-licensed agencies at

1. Saudi Arabia
2. Qatar
3. United Arab Emirates
4. Kuwait
5. United Kingdom
6. Oman
7. Germany
8. United States of America
9. Egypt
10. Singapore
11. Bahrain
12. Japan
13. Ireland
15.Federal State of Micronesia
17.Hong Kong
22.Papua New Guinea

With these numerous choices for a career destination, you are sure to find one that best fit your qualifications and preference. Build your WorkAbroad profile now to increase your chance to be hired by POEA-licensed agencies and be part of a medical facility abroad.