With the constantly growing career opportunities across the globe, aspiring OFWs need to know the best path to take considering their current skill set. To help Filipino workers decide on which career they should pursue abroad, WorkAbroad.ph listed the top 10 most in-demand overseas job specializations in 2016:

1. Engineering-related

Engineering-related jobs dominated the list of the top 10 overseas jobs with the most number of jobs contributing 26% to the total jobs posted at WorkAbroad.ph in the said period. The career opportunities for this specialization include various industries like Construction, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Communications. Licensed Engineers, Estimators, Foremen, Electricians, Plumbers, Masons, Pipe Fitters, Heavy Equipment Operators/Drivers, and Technicians can pursue this line of work in Saudi Arabia, Japan, and New Zealand.


2. General Works

General works include professions like Household Service Workers, Drivers, Dispatchers, and Messengers. This specialization contributed 19% to the total overseas jobs posted at WorkAbroad.ph.

Generally, aspiring OFWs applying for this category need to undergo a trade test and obtain a National Certificate from any TESDA-accredited training centers. Qualified applicants can accelerate their career in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Qatar.


3. Hospitality-related

This specialization contributed 12% to the total overseas jobs posted at WorkAbroad.ph. Service crew, chiefs, room attendants and other hotel/restaurant and travel-related workers are among the leading marketable talents in the leading OFW destinations like Dubai, Oman, and Macau.


4. Healthcare-related (Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant)

In the said period, the Healthcare-related jobs (Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant) contributed 11% to the overseas career opportunities for Filipinos.

Healthcare professionals working as Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant play a big role to ensure that accurate medical attention will be given to the patients by the physician. Their services are needed in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.


5. Manufacturing/production operations

Filipino workers who are adept in manufacturing or production operations have a vast number of overseas career opportunities to choose from. In fact, this specialization supplied 6% job ads at WorkAbroad.ph with multiple job openings within the stated period.

The top positions needed abroad under this specialization are machine operators, factory workers and production staff which are mostly needed in Taiwan.


6. Maintenance/Repair

Maintenance/repair workers are in-charge of fixing and keeping the facilities or machineries in good working condition supplementing 4% jobs at WorkAbroad.ph.

Facilities and Machinery Maintenance/Repair workers may compete and gain ground in the global industry specifically in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.


7. Personal Care/Beauty/Fitness Service

The 3,059 total overseas jobs posted for Personal Care/Beauty/Fitness Service and 3% contribution rate in 2016 prove the sustained employment growth in this industry overseas.

Filipino workers who are adept in hair cutting, make-up application, hairdressing, nail care, and facial and massage therapy can now impress the world with their skills particularly in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Maldives.


8. Sales-related

Filipino sales representatives who are experts in promoting products and services, engaging with customers and achieving attained goals are needed in popular OFW destinations like Qatar, Kuwait, and Singapore.

During the stated period, sales-related job specializations supplied 2% contribution to the total manpower demands.


9. Clerical/Administrative Support

Office workers mainly clerical and administrative assistants provided 2% contribution to the posted job opportunities at WorkAbroad.ph.

Significantly, the need for administrative professionals who are knowledgeable in different office support activities remain high especially in Abu Dhabi, Dammam, and Jeddah.


10. Arts/Creative/Graphics Design

Overseas job opportunities for Arts/Creative/Graphics Design grew this year contributing 1% overseas opportunities. Filipino professionals with talents in visual arts like Graphic Artists may upgrade their careers by working in Australia, Brunei, and Malaysia.


With this information, WorkAbroad.ph hopes that aspiring OFWs can now better determine which specialization or skills they should pursue to land a job abroad.

With WorkAbroad.ph, choosing one’s overseas career path is now easier given the 40,000 average overseas jobs posted everyday by POEA-licensed agencies.


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Source: WorkAbroad.ph Overseas Salary Report

Job Trends Data January – September 2016