Nailing employment interviews is vital to getting the job you have been hoping for for so long. Each overseas employment interview must be treated as your breakthrough to your dream career abroad. For aspiring OFWs, initial interviews may be conducted through phone or video calls.

As your career partner, has prepared some advice to help you impress your interviewers:


Prior to the interview

  • Note the primary details of the overseas job you applied for. Research on the company and the country of destination. You may also take the PEOS Online during this stage to equip yourself with the fundamental information that you can use through the course of your overseas application phase.
  • Prepare ready-made questions that you may ask should your interviewer give you the chance. This will show your interest in the position you are applying for.
  • Pre-determine the location where there is strong network/internet connection to ensure clear and uninterrupted interaction during the phone interview.
  • Keep a copy of your updated resume and other documents handy.


During the interview:

  • Sit in position as if you are personally facing your interviewer.
  • Focus on the ongoing interview. Drop any other activities you are doing like eating, drinking, watching TV or listening to the music.
  • Let the interviewer talk first and listen carefully before delivering your response.
  • Speak clearly. Remember to smile to create a lively voice and enthusiastic conversation.
  • Remember to ask about the next steps you need to take after the initial interview. Thank the interviewer.


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