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Thinking of working in Australia? Here are some tips to help you!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before making that big move to the Land Down Under. Read More Sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals are highly paid overseas

MANILA, January 17, 2018 – The highest-paying specializations in 2017 are sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals, land-based engineers, and IT professionals, according to an annual report by overseas job portal Read More

How OFWs Can Have a Very Merry Christmas Abroad

For those overseas Filipinos who will be spending their Christmas away from their loved ones, WorkAbroad has come up with five ideas to help you have a very Merry Christmas abroad. Read More

Why Everyone Should Work Abroad At Least Once

Working abroad can be a challenging experience for many because of the risks involved with moving overseas. But in instances when jobs are few and far between, and career prospects are minimal, it might be a good idea to look past the risks and take Read More

Nurses and Medical Technologists, Most In-Demand Healthcare Jobs Abroad

The demand for Filipino healthcare professionals is constantly on the rise. In fact, the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) announced that several countries in Asia and Europe are expected to open more healthcare jobs for Filipinos. Read More

Hundreds of Jobs in Malaysia and Singapore for IT & Computer Experts

Technology is unceasingly flourishing in all corners of the globe, and this in turn has lead to a greater need for specialists in the fields of computer science, information technology or computer and software engineering. Read More

A Helpful Guide to the Top OFW Destinations

Check out this short guide to the top five most popular destinations of Overseas Filipino Workers: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Hong Kong and Qatar. Read More

Overseas Opportunities Await HVAC Technicians

Overseas job opportunities for Filipinos never runs out at where hundreds of POEA-licensed agencies post their manpower needs and source for qualified applicants each day. Read More

Skilled Workers are Needed in the Construction Industry Abroad

Here is the list of job opportunities in the overseas Construction Industry. Read More

Over 20 Countries are in Need of Filipino Nurses

Check the list of countries that are currently looking for Filipino nurses based on the number of jobs posted by POEA-licensed agencies at Read More

Discover the Most Sought-After Overseas Job Specializations in 2016

With the constantly growing career opportunities across the globe, aspiring OFWs need to know the best path to take considering their current skill set. To help Filipino workers decide on which career they should pursue abroad, listed t Read More

Discover the Top Countries of Deployment and Highest-Paying Jobs for OFWs

On the 23rd of November, released the 2016 Overseas Land-Based Jobs and Salary Report presenting the constantly evolving international labor market trend. The study is based on overseas jobs posted by POEA-licensed agencies at WorkAbroa Read More

Beauty and Personal Care Professionals Can Now Work Abroad

Here are the top in-demand job specializations for Filipinos with vocational diploma or short course certificate specializing in hair cutting, make-up application, hairdressing, nail care, and facial and massage therapy. Read More

Saudi Residence Permit: From Iqama to Muqeem

To defeat fraud, the government of Saudi Arabia launched last year a new machine-readable identification card called muqeem. Read More

Overseas Jobs for Heavy Equipment Operators

Overseas jobs for heavy equipment operators from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. Read More