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10 Reminders to Avoid Illegal Recruitment

With the demand for overseas work steadily increasing year on year, it’s not a surprise that illegal recruiters are also creating more bogus schemes to let Filipino overseas aspirants fall into their traps. Read More

Sino Ang Isang Illegal Recruiter?

More and more Filipinos are looking for jobs overseas to improve their lives, and majority of them go to recruitment agencies for help. Unfortunately, there are some agencies or individuals that operate illegally and should be avoided at all cost. He Read More

Telltale Signs of Fake Websites and Suspicious Overseas Job Offers Online

Aspiring OFWs should be extra cautious of the many illegal recruitment schemes. Here are some tips. Read More

10 Reminders to Avoid Illegal Recruitment

Increase your awareness on how to avoid illegal recruiters. Here's some reminders from POEA and Read More

What are Illegal Recruiters' Modes of Operation?

To avoid being victimized by this crime, the Philippine government bodies warn the public against these lawless elements. Read on. Read More

The Right Way of Hiring Filipino Workers (through a Recruitment Agency)

Filipino applicants who want to try their luck abroad run to recruitment agencies for job placements. Read More

How do I know that a recruitment agency is allowed to recruit Filipinos for jobs abroad?

All agencies that engage in the business of recruiting OFWs should have an accreditation from POEA. Read More

What's the difference between placement fee and processing fee?

Some Filipinos who seek an overseas job tend to think that placement fee is one and the same with processing fee. Read More

How do I know if someone is an illegal recruiter?

Not all job opportunities should be considered by an OFW, especially if it from an unauthorized person/office. Read More

What Are The Fees to Be Paid Before I can Work Abroad?

Before the dollars come rolling in, OFWs first need to face the reality that there are fees for the pre-employment requirements to take care of. Read More