Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Money Management Tips for OFWs

So your dream of finding an overseas job finally came true. You are now working abroad, providing for your family’s needs in the Philippines and generally satisfied with the course of your career. But is that enough? Read More

Are you ready for Qatar?

Stable Oil and Gas industry. 2020 FIFA World Cup Host. Tax-free personal income. Qatar offers all these and more. Read More

No Data? Access Using FreeBasics

To make the latest overseas job opportunities for Filipinos more accessible, visit through Read More

Compelling Reasons to Pursue your Career Abroad

If working overseas is one of your options, is here to help you decide. Here are some positive things that you might gain if you are considering taking the leap. Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Sales Career Abroad

Are you ready to take your Sales expertise to the new level? Consider joining the international sales industry and get to enjoy the benefits that overseas employment has to offer. We listed the three fascinating reasons for you to weigh up. Read More

How Can OFWs Avoid Getting Offloaded at the Airport

You spent weeks sending applications to licensed recruitment agencies and after months of processing, and hurrah! You are now heading the airport, ready to work abroad. But you need to go through one more final jolt to your overseas employment destin Read More

Here's Why You Should Take PDOS Seriously

Arm yourself before setting foot on a foreign ground with critical information on overseas employment. Take the Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS) seriously and will tell you why. Read More

Overseas Opportunities Await HVAC Technicians

Overseas job opportunities for Filipinos never runs out at where hundreds of POEA-licensed agencies post their manpower needs and source for qualified applicants each day. Read More

Jobseekers, be informed: Anti-age discriminatory laws are now in effect!

If you have not been informed yet, RA 10911 has already been given implementing rules and regulations, which means it is now in full effect. Read More

Things You Need to Know About the Employment Contract of OFWs

An employment contract is a very important document as it would govern the terms and conditions of an OFW's overseas employment. Read More

Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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