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Ways to advance your career!

When you don't exert any effort to improve, you'll always be stuck in the same job that you have been doing. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you, don't relax and be satisfied, dare to do more! Read More

10 Signs the Interview Went Well

So, you’ve managed to get into an interview, you dressed well and had a great conversation with the interviewer. Pasado at matatanggap ka na kaya? Well, paano mo nga malalaman kung naging positive ba ang interview mo o hindi? Madalas, we tend Read More

Things You Should Never Tell Your Interviewer

Sometimes you find yourself lost for words, nervous and unsure what you should and shouldn’t be saying to your interviewer. Well, just relax and here are some handy tips to refresh your memory, and set you on the right path for a positive and Read More

What Do These Ten Interview Questions Really Mean?

Here are the top 10 interview questions na malaki ang maitutulong para sa iyo na malaman ang dapat isagot bago pa itanong sa iyo. Read More

Tips for Acing Your First Few Weeks At A New Job

Starting a new job abroad can bring anyone anxiety. The following tips will help ease the first few weeks, so read on. Read More

How to Write a Thank You Email After a Job Interview

Here are some simple things to consider when writing a thank you email after an interview. Read More

8 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like You and Your Resume

Alam mo ba na magastos din para sa mga recruiters ang magkamali sa pag hire kaya naman they are acutely aware and use their experience to analyze candidates’ replies to questions. Read More

What separates successful and unsuccessful people?

If you are to look at your current status in life, masasabi mo bang you are successful or not? . The key differences between successful or unsuccessful people are down to habits and our attitude to accept change. Read More

Interview Preparation Checklist

It is advisable not to make too many assumptions about how you will be interviewed but make sure you are prepared and ready for any type of interview you may be asked to attend. Read More

How to Obtain Family Visit Visa in Saudi

An OFW in Saudi can apply for a family visit visa. Read More

How to get an NBI Clearance faster

Planning to work abroad or have been hired in any local job openings? Getting your NBI clearance is now easier. Read More

How to Verify your Overseas Absentee Voters Registration

Check whether your application for overseas absentee voters were approved. Read More

The Right Way of Hiring Filipino Workers (through a Recruitment Agency)

Filipino applicants who want to try their luck abroad run to recruitment agencies for job placements. Read More

How to Register to POEA for Name-Hired Workers

Filipino workers who are able to get a job by applying directly to the foreign worker are called name-hired workers.How do they become name-hired workers? Read More

How do I know if someone is an illegal recruiter?

Not all job opportunities should be considered by an OFW, especially if it from an unauthorized person/office. Read More