Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Top Overseas Jobs in Top OFW Destinations

The job opportunities abroad continue to flourish and the demand for Filipino workers remain undeniably high. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there are over 2.4 million overseas Filipino workers currently employed in different Read More

Have the Right Skill Set for Your Overseas Job

Career opportunities abroad continue to expand along with the growing number of Filipinos wanting to work overseas. Due to the fierce competition, OFws must improve their skill set to increase their chance of landing their dream overseas jobs. Read More

10-Step Guide to Pursuing Your Overseas Career

Land your dream overseas job successfully with this step-by-step process. Read More

Discover the Top OFW Jobs in Qatar

Qatar’s labor force grew by 15% in the past 2 years, thereby increasing the demand for overseas workers including Filipinos. Read More

Why You Should Apply For a Job Even if You Are Not a Good Fit

You see a job posting with a job description below and you feel, wow, I can do it. Read More

Jobs for Factory Workers in Taiwan

Be one of these successful OFWs in Taiwan. Apply for the latest job openings for factory workers posted by POEA-licensed agencies at Read More

Don’t Leave a Job Interview Without Asking Questions

More often than not, most job aspirants do not ask questions at an interview. A mistake that can be prevented because to ask questions at the right time means you are keen on what the job entails and most interviewers are impressed with job candidate Read More

Safety in Finding Overseas Jobs

More and more Filipinos are planning to work abroad making it vital for aspiring OFWs to master the safety precautions in finding overseas jobs and learn the tips to avoid illegal recruitment. Fortunately, there are specific measures one can take to Read More

The OFW’s Guide to Dubai

Dubai, considered as one of the richest cities in world, is among the top destinations of Filipinos who plan to work abroad. The city’s rapid economic progress opened the doors to job opportunities not just for its locals but also for foreign worke Read More

Five Sneaky Ways to Research Employers Before the Interview

Nothing says dedication and sincerity more than coming to an interview well-prepared specially when looking for a job abroad. A significant component of preparing for an interview is thorough research, not only about the position you’re applying fo Read More

Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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