Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Here's Why You Should Take PDOS Seriously

Arm yourself before setting foot on a foreign ground with critical information on overseas employment. Take the Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS) seriously and will tell you why. Read More

Jobseekers, be informed: Anti-age discriminatory laws are now in effect!

If you have not been informed yet, RA 10911 has already been given implementing rules and regulations, which means it is now in full effect. Read More

Things You Need to Know About the Employment Contract of OFWs

An employment contract is a very important document as it would govern the terms and conditions of an OFW's overseas employment. Read More

Skilled Workers are Needed in the Construction Industry Abroad

Here is the list of job opportunities in the overseas Construction Industry. Read More

Tips to Be Globally Competitive

How ready are you to work outside the Philippines? Here are some WorkAbroad tips to expand your career path abroad. Read More

5 Essential Facts About the Medical Exam that Aspiring OFWs Need to Know

A medical examination is a vital step towards a possible job placement abroad. Read More

Discover Hundreds of Hospitality-Related Job Opportunities Abroad

If your skills are specializing in the hospitality industry, check out the list of job opportunities here to see if one could be a good fit for you. Read More

Upgrade Your Online Resume and Work Abroad

You can establish a good impression using your WorkAbroad profile and make that recruitment officer call you for an interview. Heed as WorkAbroad reveals the secret to upgrading your resume from negligible to remarkable. Read More

Guides to Help You Land an Overseas Job with No Placement Fee

One of the biggest factors that make landing an overseas job challenging is the amount of placement fee that aspiring OFWs need to shell out for. But fret not! There are provisions where aspiring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) may be exempted f Read More

Over 20 Countries are in Need of Filipino Nurses

Check the list of countries that are currently looking for Filipino nurses based on the number of jobs posted by POEA-licensed agencies at Read More

Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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Jobseekers, do you want to work abroad?

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