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112 Firefighter - URGENT

Kuwait, Kuwait
Expires on: Jul 27, 2011
Agency Information
POEA License No.:POEA-003-LB-011812-UL
Address:2/F, 426 Bulalakaw, Plainview Subdivision  Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.:02 477 4406/4776495/4776498
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Experience:3 year(s)

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Job Information - Firefighter - URGENT
Job Description and Requirements




Supervisor’s Name/Tittle:
Date (M/d/yyyy): 11/6/2010
 Third Country National
Regular Hours Worked: 48 aweek
A position description is written to describe work currently organized and performed by a fully qualified employee (who possesses knowledge, skills, and experience required by the position). . .
What is the overall purpose and objective of this position (why does the position exist)?
The purpose of this job is to perform specialized duty work functions in preparing for and responding to fire/medical emergency calls and in providing general support within the Fire Department. Duties and responsibilities include maintaining readiness for emergency call response; responding to fire, medical, and related emergency calls when dispatched and taking proper action; educating staff and public on fire safety/prevention; and performing Fire Department activities.
List in order of importance the major responsibilities of the job and estimate the percentage of time spent on each responsibility (the main function of the job may or may not be the one where the most time is spent).
1. Maintains vehicles, equipment, tools, and protective clothing in a serviceable ready-response condition.
20 %
2. Responds to emergencies as required, suppress fire, and takes precautions to prevent rekindling
50 %
3. At the site of a fire, protect and preserves evidence indicating the cause of the fire
5 %
4. Conducts recurrent proficiency training and OJT
10 %
5. Performs other duties as assigned by the Fire Chief
6. Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.
Is this position closely, moderately, or minimally supervised?  
Please explain: Position is moderately supervised by the Assistant Chief of Operations.
Does this position have supervisory responsibility (i.e., responsible for hiring, firing, performance appraisals, etc.)?
If yes, list the number and title for positions that directly or indirectly report to this position (i.e., three electricians, four clerks, etc.):      
Does this position have access to confidential information?
If yes, please explain: base layout and building use on the installation and off-site
Does this position have access to or handle company/ Army funds?
If yes, please explain:      
Is it important to this position that the incumbent be able to communicate fluently in English?
If yes, please explain: Proficiency in the English language is required to operate safely and effectively in the station and at the emergency scene.
What kind of work experience (including length of time), training, and/or level of education is necessary for this position?
Required: High school graduate diploma or GED equivalent,
Preferred: 2 years fire fighting experience
List any required technical skills (typing, computer skills, etc.): Required: Must be able to perform and accomplish job related tasks with all fire department tools and equipment, i.e.: ladders, hoses, power equipment, pumps, small engines, etc. Basic typing and computer skills required
What other special training and/or abilities are necessary to qualify for this position?
Required: DoD or IFSAC or Pro Board certifications in: Firefighter I & Firefighter II, Haz-Mat Awareness, Haz-Mat Operations. Must not be afraid of heights or confined spaces.
Must meet the medical and physical fitness requirements of the current NFPA 1582 & 1583 and be able to successfully complete a Firefighters Fitness Challenge
Must pass an English competency level of at least a 8th grade
Must be no older than 37 years of age as per DoD 6055.6 & DoD1400.25
Preferred: DoD or IFSAC or Pro Board certified in: Driver/Operator Pumper, Confined Space Rescue, Haz Mat Technician, First Responder/CPR
Check any of the following factors that are important to successful performance in this position:
Problem Solving                                                    Bilingual                       
Analytical Ability                                                  Interpersonal Skills        
Communication Skills                                           Dexterity                       
Describe the requirements of this position that make these factors important:
See above
Are there particular working conditions associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of work, travel, work space, etc.)?
If yes, please explain: work shift consists of 6 days at 8 hours a day, totaling 48 hours per week.
Must be able to work in a physically demanding job and extremely hot environment.


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