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JobSeekers' Success Stories
Here are some successful applicants that got their jobs through!
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I would like to say thank you so much to for being a way for Filipino jobseekers to land a good opportunity abroad. Through WorkAbroad, I was able to land a job in Japan. I was first hired as a dishwasher for a restaurant wherein I was later trained to be a cook. This gives me the chance to work as a Personal Cook for a diplomat in Portugal Embassy in Tokyo.


I consider my overseas career a great success! I can now support my family even if I have to be physically away from them. As of now, I am trying to apply for a job in Australia and I hope to bring my family there someday. I know that this new goal would not be easy but I will try my best and I believe that WorkAbroad will again help me achieve my dream.


Thank you so much again and God bless you all.


Jefferson Macalindong

Jefferson was hired by OWI Group Manila Inc. and left the country on January 28, 2009.


-Jefferson Macalindong


I am so thankful that I registered at After 2 months of registering, an agency called me for an interview and luckily landed as a Controller in a Retail Chain here in DUBAI.


After all the hard work and sacrifices and effort to my job, I'd been offered for a much higher responsibility. Now I am a member of the Management Team of the company and trust to the hard work of the Filipino are being raised to the highest level.


Andrew Ng

Andrew was hired by Euroasia Philippines Inc. and left the country on February 27, 2009.

-Andrew Ng


I search the Internet and found I immediately created an account and searched for  store keeper positions. I sent an application and receive a feedback from a recruitment agency telling me that I qualify for the position of storekeeper assistant. I was scheduled for employer’s interview and lucky I was hired.


Rodell Bello Vinzon

Rodell was hired Pacific E-Links International Recruitment Corporation for Libya and left the country on Dec. 28, 2012.

store keeper assistant

I would like to thank WorkAbroad for always updating me about the jobs that fits my experience, because of WorkAbroad I'm now working here in Dubai UAE.


Ryan Buan

Ryan was hired by Overseas Professional Achievers International as Indoor Salesman for Dubai.

-Ryan Buan
Indoor Salesman

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Inspire others by sharing your success stories. Click here to post your success story.

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